Monday 22nd July – THE CLAY!!   3 comments

This morning in her inbox Penny received notification of a blog that she follows – so she read it. Take a look    Blog on clay from rightfromthestart

And after reading – Penny felt very guilty – because she does have clay in her setting but it has only been used ONCE – in fact Penny  thinks the children currently in her care were babies last time it was used and so they did not experience it even then.

Penny mentioned her quilt on her Facebook page and several people commented that she should not feel guilty and that the children in her care experienced a whole host of wonderful experiences.

True they do – but Penny still felt guilty.

And so – just 4 hours after reading the blog from ‘rightfromthestart’ – the children in Penny’s  care were playing with the clay.

Penny  admits that she had secretly hoped that may be they would not like it (for her selfish reasons) but no such luck – once they had commented on the smell ‘like vegetables’ said one and on its texture etc ‘It is hard’ said one, ‘I can’t squish it’ said another, – and the ever supportive Penny had shown them how to warm it in their hands (didn’t take long in this weather) and how they could use their hands rather than fingers to squish it – they were enthusiastic clay users – as can be seen from the photo’s. They also asked for and used rolling pins – good for hitting the clay (using all those large muscles) and the cutters – although they found they had to use the rolling pins to help push the cutter into the clay

Assorted July photos 039

Assorted July photos 037

Assorted July photos 038

They played for almost an hour – so Penny has reflected and decided that the clay will have to come out more frequently

3 responses to “Monday 22nd July – THE CLAY!!

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  1. Thanks Penny. I’m so glad the children had a good time. Obviously it is much harder to get the clay out on a daily basis in a home setting but it will be interesting to see how often the children ask for it now that it has been re-introduced. I’m looking forward to seeing how my children develop their ideas. I think we’ll try and replicate the self portrait project too.

    • Thank you for your blog – I always read your blogs – and usually find myself nodding in agreement. Or patting myself on the back saying – we do similar here.

      But as you now know on this occasion you made a valid point about clay – so thank you

  2. Am sure Penny is no more guilty 😊, well done to Penny 👍.

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