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I am very pleased to be able to pass on information about the Pre  – School Learning Alliance Worcestershire Sub Committee AGM and Conference which will be taking place in Worcester at the Perdiswell Young People’s Leisure Club on Saturday 14th September 2013.

I am currently the acting chair of the steering group that was set up to re launch the sub committee which sadly folded a number of years ago.

This is the Divisional Director – Jo Randall’s welcome – as copied from the booking information form

Worcestershire AGM and Conference

14th September 2013

I am delighted to be supporting the steering group in the re-generation of the Worcestershire Sub-Committee.

We have always retained many valued members in Worcestershire and it is exciting to be part of the launch of the new committee to bring the area back to its former glory!

The recent National AGM saw changes made to the Memorandum and Articles of Association to make it easier to form Sub-Committees. Only four members are needed on a committee and only two people need hold a position of Office. Please consider if you could become involved to support and influence and truly make a difference to the early years sector in Worcestershire.

Being part of the Sub-committee is a vital part of our national Governance and really allows you to not only make changes locally but also nationally.

I would urge anyone wishing to find out more about the committee to please contact us before the AGM or talk to us on the day.

We hope the conference will be the start of great things to come in the future and I would particularly like to thank Penny Webb, a Registered Childminder and Blogger; Carolyn Blackburn, Linda O’Rourke; Previous Treasurer, Volunteer and member of Music in Motion and Raj Babber, Divisional Development Manager in being instrumental in getting us to this place.

The Alliance has been through many changes since Worcestershire last had an active Sub-Committee but many things for which we are well respected and proud remain as ever important.

Here are just a few to give you a flavour:

Campaigning and lobbying is still an important part of our work.

You can’t have failed to have seen our recent successful campaign on ‘Rewind on Ratios’ challenging the Government on its proposed changes to childcare ratios. Penny was firmly behind this campaign and we are very grateful for the promotion she gave it.

Membership Services is vital for the continued success and growth of the organisation and the sector.

We have offered additional services to members to include free on-line training through Educare and have just developed a new membership package to Childminders – we will be happy to discuss this and other membership benefits with you on the day.

Please join us on the day and enjoy your own copy of’ Patterns of Care.

I look forward to meeting you and wishing Worcestershire good luck with the re-generation of the Sub-Committee.

Kind regards,

Jo Randall, Divisional Director

Pre-school Learning Alliance


Full details and a booking form can be accessed by clicking here  Worcestershire Subcommitee Conference & AGM 2013 Programme (3) (1)

But here are the main details for those with limited time but also to tempt you to click on the link and fill in and return the booking form


Lunch and refreshments included

Members and non members welcome

Neil Leitch CEO of Pre -School Learning Alliance will be attending to give the keynote speech

Information about the childminder specific membership package will be available

Those outside Worcestershire who don’t have a local Pre – School Learning Alliance sub committee in their area, are welcome to attend

AGM part will be short!!

Choice of workshops – every attendee can attend one workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon

Free goody bag (priority will be given to those attending from Worcestershire)


I hope that people will want to attend to find out more about the Pre – school Learning Alliance  and what the Alliance has to offer all its members, and look forward to welcoming you all on Saturday 14th September.


If you have any questions please do email me


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