Too Much Too Soon Day of Action on 30th October and linking to the campaign against Childminding Agencies   2 comments

You may be aware that I am very involved with the Save Childhood Movement  and in particular the   Early education advisory group and that I was a signatory to the ‘Telegraph Letter’ – Too Much Too soon letter in Telegraph ,


You may also be aware of the Day of Action on Wednesday 30th October in London which is primarily about the the Too Much, Too Soon Campaign Details of Day of Action

HOWEVER the Day of Action is not just about the Too Much, Too Soon campaign – it is an opportunity for all those who support related campaigns to show their support and to make their voice heard about their own campaign.

As stated on the page with details of the Day of Action;

‘We are calling on all those who are concerned about the current government’s lack of knowledge and understanding about the value of early structured environments and the vital importance of developmental readiness to join us  for a Day of Action on the 30th of October.  We also invite all those running early-years related campaigns to join us.’


Which is where it links to the campaign against More Great Childcare and the petition that I started Link to Stop, Listen, Consult Petition,

(just look through the pages on the Save Childhood Movement website and you will find links to the petition and to my blog and to the One Voice website – so very much part and parcel of things)

Of course one of the main campaigning issues of the Stop, Listen, Consult petition – is against the implementation of Childminding Agencies (which are included in the More great Childcare proposals).

Therefore – getting to the point of this blog- the Day of Action on Wednesday 30th October is an ideal opportunity for all of those who are campaigning against Childminding Agencies to come together – and march together to;

  • show support for the Too Much Too Soon Campaign – which is very important in terms of an developmentally appropriate  early years curriculum for all children – including those who attend childminder settings
  • Protest against Childminding Agencies
  • Protest against other aspects of More great Childcare that personally do not agree with


I shall be in London – complete with my marching boots and my placards /posters – both the Too Much Too Soon Ones, and the One Voice Logo and the against childminding agencies red oval, and the logo’s of those organisations / associations that I am a member of – and that are against childminding agencies (guessing it will be a pretty big placard, that I will have to assemble when I get there as travelling by train!)

If you are able to attend – please look out for me – I will issue a meeting place and time nearer the day, so that all those against childminding agencies can march together as part of the larger gather  – so our voice is heard.

Please feel free to have your own group, campaign included on your placard – but could you please also have the Too Much Too Soon poster visible to show you are part of that march (I am thinking maybe double sided – Too Much Too soon one side and agency campaign ones  on the other side)

The important thing is we all join together – so government and public can visually see how many of us there to protest about childminding agencies as well as the Too Much Too Soon campaign


Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in London  on Wednesday 30th October for the Day of Action


Penny Webb

Email   (especially if you would like my phone number to make contact on the day)


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2 responses to “Too Much Too Soon Day of Action on 30th October and linking to the campaign against Childminding Agencies

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I will be speaking at a conference in Netherlands on the 30th and of course I will be sharing TMTS campaign with our European colleagues.

  2. Brilliant Penny! I am also out of London working but will spread the word far and wide…

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