If you have not heard – Childminding agencies are being implemented   5 comments

This morning I wrote this post  the One Voice Facebook group and to enable the information to be shared as widely as possible, I have decide to copy and paste it here

Please share by whatever means you can – and ask everyone you share with to share as well

I am reading that many childminders are still not aware of agencies and even if they are – they are still thinking ‘IF agencies happen’ . Please can we all start stressing to childminding colleagues (and parents) that agencies are going to happen – the government have said so, and have not implemented any of the proposed changes put forward within the Children and Family Bill. They are currently adding the word agency to various statutory documents and guidance documents. The pilots are not about if they should implement agencies but about how agencies will work.

We need to make it very clear that at the moment there is a choice about if childminders join an agency or remain independent BUT that there will implications both short term and long term;
In the short term – increase in Ofsted fees or paying agency fees, and available support and training which will be very much a postcode lottery as to what available and how much it will cost, and inconsistencies in requirements with Ofsted requiring one set of criteria, and each agency requiring their own sets of criteria – we know this as government say each agency will set their own ‘model’

In the long term – A two tier system with lack of standardise criteria, confusion for parents, extra costs for parents – either through having to pay to join an agency as a parent, or due to both independent and agency childminders having to increase fees to cover the increased costs, potential for agencies to be marketed as ‘the best’ and so independent childminders get perceived by public as ‘not as good’, agency childminders having an agency grade not an individual grade – and so not a fair or consistent grading system, potential of government changing rules in due course once agencies are established – maybe only agency childminders could offer free entitlement in the future, maybe childminders with lower grades will be told to join an agency to improve or be de-registered, maybe in the future agencies will be declared such a success that government will decide all childminders have to join a agency.

In fact who knows because at the moment – I, and everyone else – are just guessing, just trying to make sense of the little information that we have.

One thing is for sure this government want agencies to be a success – and at the moment are not providing the detail needed about their ideas or plans and are just ‘getting on with the job’ regardless of what anyone else thinks or says.

I am very cross about the governments lack of information sharing, and very saddened that we are now in the position of not being able to make much, if any difference to the future of our own profession, our own small businesses – and that we are in effect just pawns in a government drive to save money at our expense.


If you are a childminder and do not intend to join an agencies please tweet the DfE or email them or write a letter to say ‘My name is …… I am a (insert grade) Ofsted Childminder and I will not be joining an agency

If you are thinking of giving up childminding (or have) because of all the uncertainty / agencies TELL them via a tweet, email or letter

If you are a parent and would prefer to use a Ofsted registered childminder please tell them via same methods

If you are a early years professional and think agencies are not a good idea please let the DfE know.

You can also now comment on the DfE facebook page Link to DfE facebook page for comments if want to use or be a agency childminder

Posted November 27, 2013 by psw260259 in My thoughts on current childcare issues

5 responses to “If you have not heard – Childminding agencies are being implemented

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  2. Very good blog thanks for an informed read about important members of the children’s workforce

  3. just to screw a perfectly good system up that we have , my ofstead childminder is my life line to work , anymore expense n I cant afford to work ! leave alone, don’t want agency s

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  5. I can’t see anyone finding ‘agencies’ benefial. It is all making childminding very difficult, I’m sure the Government want rid of us!!

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