Thursday 13th March – I put in Ofsted complaint and co minders report collected from sorting office   2 comments

Continuing with my personal record relating to my inspection and my complaint about that inspection.

So story so far;

6th January – Compliance inspector on door step – Malicious complaint that was completely unfounded

24th February – Inspector arrives for brought forward inspection but we were going out – inspector stays for 30 minutes

25th February – Inspector returns to carry out my inspection and that of my co minder

26th February – I contact Ofsted and inspection company – given incorrect  / partial advice about how to complain

1st week  March – I write two blogs about inspection

7th March – Email inspection company about inspection and fact not happy with inspection – or advice about how to complain

10th March – Call from inspection company – saying did not give incorrect / partial advice – I disagree but my word against theirs

10th March – co minders report put in post

11th March – Cpo minder has card through her own house letterbox, saying she has to go to sorting office to sign for a letter

13th March – Co minder fetches letter (had no idea was her draft report). We both read report and are shocked at what it says. Co minder phones inspection company and says will be putting complaint in about wording – now written

Still no sign of my draft report – rather odd as inspection was on same day as co-minder, however I have a feeling that will be a slight re wording of report sent to co-minder

So why am I so cross about co- minders report – after all,  draft report says she has 2’s across the board – and in all honestly it is a very good report – which any childminder would be proud off – if only it was true.

I will comment fully on my own report – once I get it. However for now here are a few examples from my co minders draft report

The childminder uses her car to take children to local groups – my co minder doesn’t – I do

The childminder receives support from the local authority – she doesn’t. I have but only because of the malicious complaint.

The childminder plans on a weekly basis – she doesn’t – we don’t. We plan all the time and make changes all the time following the interests of the children

Songs, rhymes and discussions further supportds children’s vocabulary as they learn new wotds. They do – but an assumption on the part of the inspector as we did not sing or do rhymes during the inspection and the inspector did not look at any photographs or written documentation to evidence this

The childminder is aware of the progress check at two and has started to collect information about children’s interests …… There are completed Progress checks in the children’s confidential files that were not looked at

The childminder provides a wide range of equipment, such as wheeled toys ……. In fact my co minder uses my equipment – it all belongs to me (which is how we want it – my home, my equipment) however there are not any wheeled toys – not inside or outside or even in the shed or garage.

I could go on – as there is an extensive list of things that are just not true, and a list of things that the inspector claims she did – like observe outside play – when she didn’t. However I will wait until I get my report to comment fully.

There is one thing that does grate though – the report keeps referring to my setting as my co minders home as in  ‘the home’. This is not her home, it is not the children’s home – it is my home but even though it is my home it is my setting and it has a name ‘Penny’s Place’ – and should be referred to as ‘the setting’ or ‘Penny’s Place’.

It is a shame that the inspector did not bother to look at my setting website and read my ethos before (or even after) the inspections – because if she had she would have read this;

I am a very honest person – and being honest is important to me. I cannot cope with lies, or withholding information or with using information creatively to benefit self. I accept that sometimes, what I might call a white lie or withholding information to benefit another person or prevent them from being upset or hurt – can have a place.

Being so honest does not always ‘sit well’ with others – including family members. Sometimes I have ‘dug myself a hole’ by refusing to sit back and allow others to do or say things which I know to be wrong and I know have the potential to hurt others.

As I say – a shame she has not read it – because if she had she might have been more honest in her use of words – and she would know that I would be challenging – as I am indeed doing so.

13th March – I  fill in the Ofsted online complaint form about my inspectioon

2 responses to “Thursday 13th March – I put in Ofsted complaint and co minders report collected from sorting office

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  1. Nothing changes. When I complained about my inspection in 2008 the link to the information on the Ofsted website about how to complain about an inspection wasn’t working.

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