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Well it is now THREE weeks to the day since my brought forward inspection

My previous blogs have documented everything to date (if not  read them yet  – click on the following links)





On Monday 17th March, I had an email confirmation of the online complaint form that I submitted to Ofsted on 13th March. I was  pleased to see that the text from that online form was included in the email – so I do have a record of my wording.

As of today Tuesday 18th March – I have still not received my draft report

However a little light has been shed on this – because this afternoon, my co minder had a call from the inspection company – from the line manager of the inspector who did our inspection.

It seems that my report has to go through ‘another layer of quality control’ because it was a brought forward inspection. I find it remarkable that I have not been told to expect a delay due to this. I don’t have a problem with any quality control method – in fact I welcome all methods of quality assurance


The inspector could have told me to expect a delay and for my co minders report to be released first

The lady I spoke to on 26th February (day after inspection)  – could have told me

The same lady I spoke on 10th March – could have told me

But no one has told me – only my co minder in passing on information she had today Tuesday 18th March

Clear, transparent systems? In my experience if the information given to my co minder is correct – no, I don’t think so

So why was the inspectors line manger phoning my co minder?

Well because of her objection to the wording in her draft report

From this point – I need to say that this is my recall of a  phone call from my co minder – who was recalling the phone call to her from the inspectors line manger.

Therefore it will not be word perfect and could not be used as evidence – but I want to get over the general information given – and what I consider to be an attempt by the inspection company to cover up their inspectors professional performance – and to try to  prevent my co minder from putting in a stage two complaint to Ofsted.

Before people jump up and down – and say that is speculative and not fair;

My co minder was told that the line manager ‘Didn’t really want to put the inspector through a stage two complaint investigation’ (or words to that affect)

So very sorry inspection company  ………..but do you think that I (and all the other settings that are having to complain about inspections) want to go through a stage two complaint with Ofsted – and beyond – when actually we have done NOTHING WRONG – and most of us are in this position because of a system that can find malicious complaint to be unfounded – but then do a full but flawed inspection that creates huge amounts of stress and huge amounts of work – and usually huge amounts of personal unpaid time being taken up, as the ‘day job’ of providing high quality care and education has to continue.

Those of us who work in early years are passionate about what we do and do everything we can to ensure the children in our care have the best early years care and education possible – the least you can do is ensure than the regulation and inspection process is the best possible – and currently in my humble opinion you need some actions and recommendations to do this. And one way I (and others can do this) is to stick our neck on the line and complain. I say stick our neck on the line because it is often our word against yours – and when it is an internal investigation, our word is either not believed or things are ‘played with’ just enough to make it seem not worth while proceeding to a stage two complaint – or come to that to a stage three, due to the stress it causes


Sorry reader – I have digressed, from my factual account of my complaint documentation. However I think the mere fact that I have put my personal thoughts in this blog, will show just how strongly I feel about this.

Getting back to the phone call from the inspectors line manager – and trying to get the general message conveyed rather than be word perfect.

It was agreed that 4 hours was not very long to carry out two inspection (in fact the line manager thought there had been two inspectors on inspection day)

Nothing to add – it was rushed – the inspector did have another appointment to go to.

The line manager agreed that my co minders report was not factual – and offered to personally rewrite it – taking some bits out and re wording other bits

WHY – I have to ask? It does not alter the fact that the inspector did not follow the ‘robust systems’ for carrying out inspections – not the fact that she submitted a report that was not factually correct.

My co minder was told that the inspector did not have to check all policies and documents – that they were ‘secondary evidence

 I KNOW THIS – I know the EYFS 12 inside out – I even took part in the pilots for EYFS 12 and went to London with others who had helped pilot  EYFS 12 and took part in the discussion about what evidence the inspector needed to see. AND my co minder knows this because she has to listen to me spout about such things.

However – I ALSO KNOW – that there is a list of things that inspectors should check – that were not checked – and that where direct observational evidence is not sufficient (was not in my opinion enough during our inspections) that secondary evidence should be used.

My co minder asked why she had to have her inspection at this point in time – when mine was a brought forward inspection about me – and did not involve her – AT ALL.

She was told that as no complaints on file and her previous grade was a good that no reason why it should not have been carried out at the same time.

I personally have issues about this (not speaking for my co minder – she is perfectly capable of speaking for herself)

One – previous inspection was in her own setting with her own paperwork, her own resources and she worked alone – none of that applied on 25th February.

Two – she has had malicious complaints made against her – and on two occasions a compliance inspector visited her setting – however nothing shows on her Ofsted record online as they were malicious and unfounded – but then so was my complaint that led to this inspection – and nothing shows on my Ofsted record online either. So more inconsistencies – and had the inspector actually checked my co minders internal records? I don’t think she did because my co minder tells me the inspector did not know about the malicious complaints made against her – she told the inspector herself.

The line manager said she agreed that my co minder was acting as my assistant – and that therefore the report did not read ‘right’  – again the line manger said she would re word things

Again WHY? and HOW if it is accepted that I lead and manage the setting could my co minder have a valid inspection in her own right? And even if she could how could she be given a ‘Good’ grade when ‘leadership and management’ is one of the main judgements?

Please don’t get me wrong – in my opinion my co- minder is a good childminder and deserves a good grade – when working alone, and when leading and managing the setting.

These are the main points that I wanted to record here – as to me this is a prime example of why the inspection companies should not carry out their own investigations into complaints about inspections – and why when (if) it is agreed that the inspection was flawed, that the report is not a factual record, that judgements are not based on observations as primary evidence, and documentation as secondary evidence – that the inspection should be declared null and void – and another inspection carried out as soon as possible.

It makes me wonder who the complaints process is designed for – at the moment it seems not to have anything to do ‘robust system’

Furthermore with our Government being known for objecting when it thinks other countries do not have ‘robust systems’ that are fair and consistent – I have to ask – why they can not put their ‘own house in order’?

Next Steps

My co minder is waiting to read her re worded report before deciding if she wants to proceed to a stage two complaint, direct with Ofsted (and to be fair to the inspection company – they have told her can do this if she does not accept the re worded report)

I am still waiting for my draft report and will decide if I complain about the wording when I have read it

I am waiting for a response to my stage two complaint – and will then decide in proceed to a stage three

Final word for now

All of this is unnecessary – and is causing a lot of stress and worry – and workload. I feel very disappointed that the ‘robust systems’ are in fact not robust and from where I am standing at the moment – a complete farce – from the malicious complaint – through to the brought forward inspection – through to the complaints process.

And the Government want me – as a childminder –  to believe that robust systems for childminding agencies will drive up quality, ensure high quality care and education for children attending an agency childminder setting, and effectively  replace the current provision of two inspection companies acting on behalf of Ofsted – with potentially hundreds of childminding agencies, acting as not on behalf of Ofsted – but instead of Ofsted for the individual childminders that join that agency

Please excuse me if I find this rather difficult to believe.

UPDATE – Wednesday 19th March

Update on my complaint

Now had email with info about the investigation into my complaint as follows;

Thank you for contacting Ofsted with your concerns regarding the inspection of Penelope Susan Webb. Your concerns were received in the complaints team on 17 March 2014.


Your complaint will be responded to by xxxxxx the inspection services provider for the inspection who will conduct an investigation and aim to send a response to you no later than 30 April 2014. Where this proves not to be possible, they will write to inform you of progress within this time.


Your contact point at xxxxxxxx will be a member of their complaints team.

Details of how to contact them are given. So there we go a wait of up to 6 weeks – and even then they may not have finalised it.

No idea if I will get a draft report or not as this complaint against the actual inspection.


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