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As many readers of this blog will know, I am a member of all the organisations that represent childminders, but it is the Pre School Learning Alliance that is my main membership organisation – and the one that I volunteer for (currently holding the role of Chair of the Worcestershire sub committee)


There are two main reasons for this involvement with the Alliance;

First reason –  I have been associated with the Alliance for many years and was a volunteer in the past – this is because the Alliance has a very similar ethos to my own about children, about learning through play – and also about valuing adults – both parents of the children attending their settings, their volunteers and their staff. Certainly my involvement as a young, lacking in confidence mum who was encouraged to be a parent helper and on pre school committee’s, and the training I attended, plus the nurturing and the support I received – have helped make me who I am today.

Second reason –  Neil Leitch himself. I have been very lucky to have been able to meet Neil several times and to work closely with him in my campaigning against increased ratio’s and childminding agencies.

Neil is – in my opinion – the most amazing man, he  has a very caring nature, an insight in to what makes people ‘tick’ and a genuine passion for young children and their families. He also has a sense of humour, a gentlemanly way, and a way of making others feel valued;  and he  is prepared to speak up for children and families … and say things as they are. This does not make him popular with those that he speaks up against – but it does make him highly respected within the early years sector and beyond.

I first met Neil face to face, in his office where together with other members of Alliance staff, we discussed the Alliance’s plans to offer a specific childminder membership package. I remember being very scared (just getting to London was scary for me and having a meeting with a CEO – even more scary) However Neil put me at ease, made me feel that my opinion mattered and was valued – and amazed me at his ability to read between the lines about what I was saying – and feeling. A skill I have seen him use many times since that first meeting, putting people at ease and making them feel valued.

Since that first meeting I have met Neil on 5 other occasions; some public events and some more private events such as the recent round table meeting with Elizabeth Truss,  and each time I have continued to be impressed with his sector knowledge and his belief in the fact that what he is doing is not only ‘right’ but is in the best interests of the children of this country.

And I agree with him – it is.

Due to  our shared vision and joint campaigning, I have come to know Neil quite well through emails and phone conversations – our discussion have been varied and wide-ranging – which is why I have an insight into what makes him tick, about why he is so passionate about what he does and why he does not ‘give up’

It is Neil’s own background  as a child, as a parent and as a grandparent that is the basis of his understanding and his belief that every child matters, and every child should have the best possible early years experiences – and furthermore that every parent matters and should be supported and encouraged to ensure as many children as possible, also have positive early years experiences at home.

And so this is why I am supporting  the nomination for Neil in the 2014 Nursery Management Today CHILDCARE POWER 20 – his own personal vision and determination to make a difference – together with his leadership of the Pre School Learning Alliance – taking the association forward and building on its past history as a leading organisation within the early years sector and its strong values and ethos about the rights of the child and support for the family.


If you wish to add your support you can do so by writing a statement and sending it to



I am very pleased to tell you that Neil has won the 2014 Nursery Management Today CHILDCARE POWER 20 award.

Many congratulations Neil


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  1. I support Neil Leith and Laura Henry – have met with both and admire their passion to do the best for kids. Their focus is the same. Go Neil and Laura!!!

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