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One of the more pleasing aspects of becoming a bit more well known within the wider early years sector, is that I get asked to take part in things, to sign things, and to comment on things.

And a couple of months ago I was asked if I would like to comment on the new Childminder Selection catalougue from Early Years Resources – as I had ordered things from this company in the past (mainly sale items it has to be said) I thought ‘why not’ – and so asked for a catalogue to be sent.

When it arrived I was quite taken with it  – the A5 size of the catalogue , the selection of items including the size of packs making them suitable for childminders, but also the multi pack option, so could share with colleagues and benefit from large pack discounts – and the links to other items in the main catalogue.

There were a few things that I thought could be further developed and a few things I thought could be added – and so I sent these suggestions in with my feedback about the catalogue.

To my surprise, I received an email back to say the MD liked my suggestions and would like to work with me – and more to the point would I like to review some items for them.

Well I did not need asking twice! My reputation and thirst for new resources is well known by my family, friends, parents of children using my childminding service – and readers of this blog.

So I sent a list of things from the childminder catalogue that I did not already have – and that were appropriate to the stages of development and interests of the children in my care – and said ‘choose and surprise me’

And in due course we had a delivery from our favourite delivery man Mr.Singh – the children love him because he is always bringing parcels and he smiles at the children and answers their questions (brave man – they have lots of questions!)

On this particular day – although Penny had had an email telling her what was in the parcel that Mr.Singh was delivering – Penny had not told the children about the parcel ‘What is in the parcel?’ they asked Mr.Singh ‘ I don’t know’ he said ‘You will have to open it to find out’ I find it interesting that the children assume the delivery driver knows what is in the parcels that he brings us.

Anyway, we say goodbye to Mr. Singh and get the parcels inside – first surprise for the children – they had to wait for Penny to get the camera and to take pictures of the sealed boxes! (Well if I am going to review an item – I am going to do it properly)



The boxes were opened and we all peered inside – to be honest the children were still a bit puzzled, although they could identify a star – so spontaneous singing of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’

















We then took the contents out of boxes and opened the packets      – this is what we discovered














Can we use them? asked the children – Of course they could – but first a few more pictures which the children kindly and happily helped me to do.    Once the pictures had been taken we looked for places to hang up the weaving frames – my intention is that they will go in the outside environment  but for now the doors in the lounge and a cupboard would have to do – the children selected ribbons and pipecleaners from the vast range of weaving materials that we had been sent – and ‘got stuck in’











WP_000413WP_000418        WP_000419












Then when they had finished their weaving – about an hour later – they decided to use the weaving materials in another way – like this



This is the only photo without happy faces in it – but the children made lots of lines with the weaving materials all over the lounge – playing for at least another 30 mins.

Personal Evaluation of the weaving frames and weaving materials

I am personally very impressed with the quality of the weaving frames – they should last for years and years and stand up to whatever small children do to them / with them, and with the plastic coating will be easy to clean. The selection of weaving materials sent is comprehensive and encourages imaginative use.

The children in my care were keen to play and explore, were fully engaged and creative in their use of this item. They have experienced weaving before with my home made resources but they remained engaged for a longer period of time with this resource. I plan to offer this experience again, and to observe their interest and use. Personally I think they will extend their own learning and come up with even more ways to weave and be creative – time will tell.


For those who are interested in this resource here are the official details from Early Years Resources

Product image

View weaving-frames.jpg in slide show




Link to weaving frame special offer


The weaving materials were selected by Early Years Resources and included pipe cleaners, different types of ribbons, and different widths of ribbons.


I would like to express my thanks to Early Years Resources for giving myself and the children at Penny’s Place the opportunity to review this product.






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