Why I have decided to blog about my university studies ……………   2 comments


…………..the reason for is because I have returned to my studies and I am  attempting to gain my early years degree. I am studying at level 6 on the ‘Integrated working with children and families’ course at Worcester University. I am doing this through the Flexible and Distributed Learning route, which in my case means that I do not go into university for lectures and do my  group work online. However, there are monthly workshops on Saturdays, and two Saturday conferences over the year.

On the problems I have quickly identified is the time delay in the online discussions. We are supposed to make them similar to face to face discussions, such as you might have in lectures (so turn taking ‘conversations) – but I find this very difficult,  as I might post a comment but then it may be days before others respond and even longer for 2 or 3 to join the discussion. With my very busy and complicated life, I find it difficult to a) pick up discussions that might take a week or more to unfold – because during that time I would have moved onto several other topics through my blogs . my campaigning and my social media groups; and b) to actually remember to go back to the discussion and see if others have commented.

I have an university online journal which I am supposed to fill in to aid reflection and which should eventually support writing my assignments and my dissertation, but the problem with this is only myself and the tutors can read this – and for me this is far to limiting. As readers of my bog or members of my social media groups will know – I share my thoughts and professional practice, and information from conferences, training and workshops that I have attended with all those who wish to read my blogs / social media posts.

In a nutshell – if I am going to get the most out of my time at university I need to find a way to overcome my personal difficulties of time issues around online discussions, and also to find ways to share my reading, reflections and professional development with others.

So through my reflections about this issue, I have come up with my own way of managing this

I have decided that I will write blogs about the tasks I am asked to complete, and discussions I take part in, and reading / research that I do as part of my university studies.

I will then have an accessible record – that is accessible not only by myself but by anyone who wishes to read the blog entries. I will be able to refer to them myself to aid completion of my assignments and dissertation: I will be able to add links to my blogs both in my university online journal, and within the discussion posts that I take part in with fellow students – so that if they wish they can access my thoughts / comments all at once if they wish to do so, (and if I forget to go back to the discussion and add further comments) but also it will enable me  to revisit discussions,  and journal entries when maybe I have moved onto other things in my everyday life, and copy and paste the next bit of my discussion comments – and of course if needed update my blog or online journal entry as a result of taking on board comments by other students.

I hope that this will work – but if it does not then I will reflect and make changes as appropriate to the reflection at that time.

As to if others will read my ramblings about my university studies – time will tell (and so will the stats from my blog) but in fact it will not make much difference to me – to me it is the fact that people can read if they want to that matters most – not if they do read my ramblings.

To help myself and others find these blogs, I have set up a new category ‘ My university studies’

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2 responses to “Why I have decided to blog about my university studies ……………

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  1. Great Pen,

    A number of colleagues who are study. Ask questions via #EYTalking, in relation to their studies and settings.

    You get a quick answer and loads of support.

    If you have a question/query – tweet and add the hash-tag and I will RT for you.


    • Thanks Laura – I will do – although I often end up reading the EYTalking tweets days after they are posted! Time is a huge issue for me at the moment – and I often cannot do all that I want to do.

      Half way through writing my first uni studies blog – and it is already nearly 2000 words long – one thing leading to another, but I hope in writing it, I will not only support my studies but those of colleagues as well

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