What I think Nicky Morgan is really saying ……………..   Leave a comment

…………….. Of course just my opinion but having had email communication with a few colleagues, I know I am not the only one thinking on these lines.

I wonder what you the reader thinks about her words which I am sure are supposed to reassure and stop people (teachers in particular) from placing their voting X in a non conservative box.

So what am I referring too?


If you have not listen to it before – please do so before you read what I have to say.

I do not want to influence people with my views before they have had time to think about their own views.

However, I do want to challenge the message we are being told, and to reflect about what the hidden message is.

I should note that this is not a anti Nicky Morgan blog – it is a anti ‘Government speeches’ – and come to that anti government ‘talk’ blog for all things stated verbally or in writing,

This is because over the last 3 years since I was dragged into Government matters by Ms. Truss and the things she was saying and writing – the one thing I have learnt about government is – NEVER take what they say at ‘face value’. My experience is that they will claim (later on) that they never said x.y or z – and that they are ‘sorry’ you thought they did.

So in my limited experience it is ALWAYS worth thinking ‘What are they REALLY saying?’ And ‘where is their get out of this mess card’

So hopefully you have now listen to the things Nicky Morgan has to say – and have your own opinion.

So here is my opinion – not a sentence by sentence unpicking – just my overview

  • We are going to continue to interfere, to make changes – we will just give you A BIT more notice
  • We will expect Ofsted to not change their inspection frameworks – but they can still change their guidance documents as and when they feel like it.
  • We still want you to implement all our ideas – despite your collective knowledge that not in best interests of children

So am I being harsh? Am I being ‘over sensitive’ ? Have I misunderstood – and is Nicky Morgan actually being supportive to teachers?

And a further question – this is directed at teachers particularly about their workload – but  – What is the message to those of us who work in the Early Years Sector and who have the same issues about workload?

This Government (and others before them) have a terrible track record of  not listening, of having ‘closed questions’ consultations, of changing their minds, of implementing policy and practice that no one wants or can see any reason for having, of saying one thing but really meaning another, of having a get out clause  ……..

……. is it not time we started to listen more carefully to what is really being said, and challenging more?

The tide is turning – schools, early years settings, parents, academics are now ‘tuning in’ to the real message being given, a few are challenging – but for the Government to actually make changes to what they think and do – will take a major challenge to their beliefs – and dare I suggest that in the run up to the general election we have opportunity to make our voice not only heard but acted on.

After all most of us would be happy if the government listened to us all, and stopped doing what they think is right, and put the child first – not saving money in the short term.

If by now you think I have misunderstood the message that Nicky Morgan is giving – listen again, then please let me know what you think Nicky Morgan is really saying.

You can agree, you can disagree

This will support my understanding, and the reflection of others – so please comment

Posted February 18, 2015 by psw260259 in My thoughts on current childcare issues

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