A near disaster with the Wellies!   Leave a comment

As the sort of early years practitioner who likes to promote outdoor play and visits  muddy places such as the forest, the arboretum, park, fostering agency site and so on, wellies are very important at Penny’s Place.

Parents often provide wellies for their children, but not all are able to for a variety of reason, and so I look out for wellies at car boots and always gratefully accept outgrown wellies from the parents of the children. Over the last 5 years (since I reregistered) I have built up a good collection of different sized wellies, which I keep at Penny’s Place, along with the all in one waterproof suits (and now also 2 piece suits) which I provide in a variety of sizes.

The wellies supplied by me and currently in use are kept on the wellie rack outside while those supplied by parents of current children go back and forth in the child’s bag , so the child can use at home as well.

The wellies on the  wellie rack have been outside in all weathers, and are now showing signs of fading and looking a bit sorry for themselves – as you can see in the photo


So I thought I should search for other wellies in the storage box containing the not currently in use wellies to find some less faded wellies (plus I have a new child without his own wellies)

So I lifted the lid of the box last week – and quickly shut it again – it was FULL of water, clearly the box was not watertight!!!

I was pondering what to do, and had in fact mentioned to my colleague Carol that I may have to bin all of them (well recycle if possible) and buy some more, when Mr. Penny’s Place completely randomly asked if I was using the large box outside the conservatory door.

WHY? I asked Mr.Penny’s Place. He replied he was thinking of setting up a wormery (no idea how to spell it so apologies if not right). Now before you all think what I first thought – wow, the children would love that – especially as only recently we had watch ‘Mr. Bloom’ set up one on the TV – Mr. Penny’s Place was not thinking that at all, he was thinking of growing his own bait for fishing!

Still that aside, as the children would benefit from having a wormery (and knowing them well I think they would be really interested), I agreed that Mr. Penny’s Place could have the box to turn into a wormery.

This meant of course that I had to face opening the lid of the box, and ‘deal’ with the water collected AND the mouldy / wet wellies.

Today was the day that I decided to tackle the task.

And actually ….. it was not as bad as thought it was!

I did have to throw away 3 pairs of wellies but after a good wash, I think the rest can be saved (which in turn will save me having to find more at car boots – and indeed pay out for more)

As evidence – see below for a photo of the wellies that have been saved, to be used another day


– and there are another 3 pairs that did not fit in the photo!

So plenty of wellies – and as a bonus we can now look forward to having a wormery.

Just one small problem – I need  to find a DRY place to store the ‘not currently in use wellies’

Which only means one thing …..

….. Yes, I am going to have to tidy the outdoor resources shed and make room! (But maybe not today)

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