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Recently I had a private message from a childminder called Debbie, who had received an email from her local authority about the 30 hours pilot in her area.

Debbie was a bit concerned as the email contained information that seemed a little odd and not fully inclusive because there was a link to certain local companies and to access the 30 hours at least one parent had to work for one of these companies (and meet the funding criteria).

When I first read Debbie’s message, I was also concerned and agreed with Debbie that it did not appear to be inclusive which raised concerns if it was all above board.

What surprised me was that despite considering myself to be fairly well informed about the 30 hours pilots, I was totally unaware of this link to companies. (But as I had been away on holiday with limited internet for 2 weeks I thought that perhaps I had missed some information)

Anyway I told Debbie that I would ask my extended professional network a few questions and see what I could find out.

Both Pacey and the Pre-school Learning Alliance responded to my request for support and information within a few hours of me asking the question. I am very grateful to both organisations for the response which enabled me to message Debbie on the journey home from my holiday to give reassurance that it was all above board – and to promise to give more detail once I got home.

In a nutshell, although neither organisation had direct knowledge of this particular pilot (and were grateful to me for sharing an overview of the  information that Debbie had received) both organisations were able to confirm that within the remit of the pilots that LA’s were able to test out various models – and to be innovative. Both organisations also sent me the following link which gives a bit more detail of this pilot

Employer linked 20 hour pilot

Personally I found the reasons for the links to employers to be interesting, as all linked to impact on the workplace/ work hours and nothing to do with benefits to the individual child. However, I recognise that the additional 15 hour funding is all about getting more parents into work, as per the government agenda.

Pacey were able to add some additional information that Staffordshire – the LA in question are very keen to work with childminders.

Reassurance now given to Debbie – and anyone else in Staffordshire reading this blog, I though ‘job done’ BUT then being me I reflected a bit more.

Neither myself, nor Pacey or the Pre-school Learning Alliance had any specific information about this particular pilot – and I thought ‘What do we know about the other pilots?’ – the answer (in my case) is ‘Not a lot’

Of course the situation in York is well known due to the media coverage when the settings in York decided to get together and refuse to take part in the pilot because the level of funding was too low. We also now all know that for the pilot period at least, the level of funding has been increased.

But what about the other pilots?

Some people will have some information if they are involved with a particular pilot but on the whole most of us know very little.

In my opinion this is not really satisfactory – and if all we get is the highlights and the information that government wants us to hear about, we will not have opportunity to come together to express our opinion, to debate or to share professional information about possible impact on the models in question in our own areas or on our settings. I think this is important because it will not be a case of one pilot will be successful and another not workable – it will be more likely to be a bit of a mix and match of different ideas to tailor the final ‘package’ to LA areas and the settings in those areas.

Personally I think it is short sighted not to share with all, because settings want this work for parents and for their settings and so to be fully informed about all the pilots on an ongoing basis would be beneficial to all – including to government.

So here is an idea – up to you the reader if you want to go with my idea or not – but if we all share the information we can (within the bounds of confidentiality of course) we could all be better informed and therefore all able to reflect, debate and offer opinion – both positive and negative.

Over to you …… leave a comment on here or contact me by email, direct message on Twitter or private message on Facebook – or comment via the Facebook post or Tweet.

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3 responses to “30 hour funding pilots – Sharing infomation

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  1. Really interesting points here Penny. We really feel it’s important for childminders to keep informed and be vocal over the funding before it is set so councils realise we will not sign up for the funding unless it is a viable business decision.

    • Thank you Jo for sharing. It is really useful information for us all.

      Hopefully you will be able to keep us updated as the pilot gets underway.

      Of there is anyone else in the Newark area who has opted for a different route please do share of you can.

      I also hope those in other pilot areas will also share.

      Thank you again Jo

  2. We are part of the Newham 30 hour pilot. Newham is focussing on children with SEND. All applications had to be in fro parents by the end of July. There were 3 criteria, in addition to the work requirement
    1. Child had special educational need or disability
    2. Child had a confirmed place at one of the settings that are in the pilot
    3. All other children

    1 & 2 were given priority
    We have 9 children that met the criteria. 3 under criteria 1 and 6 under criteria 2.

    There are lots of different models of delivery. When we applied to be a selected provider we had to say which model we would be using. They included (I may not remember them all)
    Single provider
    2 providers on same site sharing
    2 providers within walking distance sharing
    Innovative model you could suggest to Newham

    We wast with single provider as we are open 8-6 and had capacity
    Newham advised that the rate for the 2nd 15 hours would be £5.15 and that this would go to the second provider if there were 2 sharing care. If it couldn’t be decided who was the second provider the provider who got the lowest normal rate would get the £5.15

    As yet we have no more info. We have our 9 children allocated. Parents have been informed they have the place by us and LA. They are a mixture of 38 weeks funded and stretched funded over 51 weeks. We could also have 45 weeks but no parents chose this.

    I have just sorted out occupancy and staffing for September and we await further instructions.

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