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Last year I was invited to attend the VIP breakfast summit at the Midlands Childcare Expo for the the first time. It was touch and if I could attend as at that time I was not very well, and not able to drive, or concentrate for very long. In the end I did attend as my very good friend Carol offered to drive me there and to look after my granddaughter while I was busy in the breakfast summit. I think it is an indication of how unwell I was that I did not write a blog at the time.

Rather than try to recall last years event – I am going to focus on this years event, but link to last years event here and there – as I have been invited to attend the VIP breakfast summit again.

After I had accepted this years invite, I was asked if I would like to do an interview to help promote the event but also to let people know about me and my thoughts on some of the current issues.

If you have not already read my thoughts you can do so by clicking  HERE

Some of you may be wondering what a Breakfast Summit is – well in simple terms it is a meeting over breakfast! Therefore the downside is you have to get up early to be there in time, but the upside is you get breakfast for free. Last year the choice and quantity of the breakfast was amazing. This year I am hoping to get there a bit earlier than last year as not only do you then get more time to eat breakfast – you also get more time for networking with the other early years people who have been invited to attend.

Last year there was a good mixture of people attending representing many areas of the early years sector, some were known to me and I had met in person before, some were names I knew but had not met before, and some were unknown to me. I do not know who will be attending this year, but I am guessing that like me, some of those who attended last year will be attending again this year. This will be good because last year we came up with an action plan, so we will need to review that, we will also need to look at issues that are continuing – such as the funding for the 30 hours, and look at new issues – especially those brought about since the new government ministers were appointed.

I am looking forward to the summit and very much hope that together as a group of dedicated and passionate early years people we will be able to come up with some ideas to move forward and to support early years settings and the children who attend those settings.

However, it is not just the Breakfast Summit that I am looking forward to, because of cause Childcare Expo is a major event in its own right – and has been going for a lot longer than the summit. Actually as a registered childminder I attended fairly regularly as I liked the seminars, and the fact that it was less busy than other educational shows which meant I could see things better, had less queuing, and could ask questions if I needed to. This year I will not be buying things (well maybe one or two things for the grandchildren) but I will be attending a couple of the seminars and I will be taking opportunity to network with colleagues and exhibitors.

If you have not booked to attend yet – take a look at the Expo website by clicking  HERE , and if you do book to go – and would like to meet up with me on Friday 30th September, let me know and we will arrange a time for a cuppa and a chat.

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