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       Membership Organisations: Our Past, Present and Future                        

Learning together across the Early Years … and beyond

Dear All                                                                                                                                                    As an individual I have been involved with early year’s membership organisations for over 30 years, and they have shaped who I am today. I have gained so much from being a member and a volunteer of these organisations and I now want to give ‘something’ back.

Following the success of my first public event ‘Networking, Sharing and Making Connections’ in 2016, where we explored our shared journey within Early Years linking to the theories of the Pioneers, I am organising a second event in Birmingham on May 12th 2018, to celebrate the past achievements of early year’s membership organisations, and in particular the involvement of members and volunteers; to explore their role today in a rapidly changing sector; and to consider how early year’s membership organisations can help support children, families, practitioners and society in the future.

I am delighted to invite EVERYONE who is interested to join myself and colleagues at this next event.

“It does not matter which membership organisation you have been involved with or if you have never been a member of any membership organisation. This event will be of interest because of the influence Membership Organisations have had on Government Policy and the Professional Standards we all now work to.

The aim is to bring together all of those who have been involved with early years membership organisations, in any way; to share our memories and our stories from the early days when the founders formed the organisations, right up to today; with the hope that we can preserve these memories and stories along with associated documents for future generations.

Time is of an essence as some of the founder and early day members are now reaching a stage of their lives where it is more difficult to travel to events to tell their stories, and where individuals and organisations are having to downsize premises and so historic documents including photographs are at risk of being recycled or even disposed of because their importance is not recognised.

Who should attend?                                                                       Anyone who has ever been a member of any of the early years memberships organisations

Anyone who has worked for, or worked in partnership with any of the Early Years Organisations

Anyone who is an early year’s practitioner, manager, advisor or an early year’s student

Anyone who recognises the importance of membership organisations, and the benefits of volunteering


How can you help?

Share your memories                                                                                                                        I have many personal memories, both serious and funny, and I am sure many others do, in fact I know they do because I have had lots of conversations with others where we have shared our stories and our memories. Now, as well as creating an opportunity for people to share their stories and their memories with each other at my event, I want to create a permanent record to keep, and to lend to individuals and organisations in future generations.


If you are able to attend the event, please bring along your memories in a paper format (or email them to me before the event, and I will print them). If you are unable to attend in person please send me your memories so that they can be included.

My email address is Pennys.place@hotmail.co.uk

Here are some suggestions of things you could bring / send in.

  • Scanned copies of photographs of past membership events, such as AGM’s , training, Fun Days and committee events.
  • Copies of documents such as fliers / posters / for events, member newsletters (please note do not send copies of minutes that may have confidential information)
  • Scanned front pages of old copies of membership magazines.

NB If you happen to have a stack of old membership magazines, and intend to keep them, please let me know your email address so that those looking for information can contact you and ask for information.

If you have decided it is time to downsize and the pile of magazines have to go – please do not recycle them (as I did without thinking when I moved to my current house) but instead consider donating them to this record that I am creating. If you decide to do this please email me in the first instance, so we can discuss how to get them to me. Pennys.place@hotmail.co.uk

  • Your own memories of attending events – I know there are many stories out there such as Fire evacuations, recounts of votes when it has been a close call, disco’s, team building exercises, fancy dress events, guest speakers and much more.

My overriding memory is that although there was of course a serious side of things, there was also a lot of fun, and many lifelong friendships made, let’s capture those memories before it is too late.

 The final aim for this event is to show our appreciation to the founder members of the early years membership organisations. Without those founder members we would not be where we are now.

 I hope you can join myself and colleagues at the event, details of which can be made found by clicking these links



If you are able to help in any way, including providing resources for the Goody Bags (pens, early years magazines, craft items, child care items, items for individuals) Please do get in touch – anyone providing an item for the Goody Bags, will be able to have their business card or catalogue included in the bag


Best Wishes

Penny Webb BEM

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