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As many readers will know I have been very unwell for almost 2 years, one aspect of my life that this has impacted on is this blog site. I have just not been able to blog as I used to, I still have ideas and even start many blogs, but don’t publish them. I have lots of unfinished ‘business’ such as the follow up blogs to my event in May 2018, and I am slowly coming to realise that I may never resume my previous level of blogging, and may never finish unfinished blogs or ‘business’.

This saddens me because I still think the same, I still get very cross at the lack of listening by Government ministers, about the impact of flawed policies on our youngest children, I still want to stand on my soapbox and shout loudly or at least write a blog. Travelling to attend events is very challenging and I really can’t attend many things these days – which means I have less things to blog about. I am of course no longer a childminder and after getting on for 2 years of retirement from childminding, I am no longer as up to date as I used to be, so again less to write about.

My health issues are complex and even doctors do not fully understand and do not have any answers, but it appears at the moment that my main issue is that I react negatively to most medications which is a bit of an issue when you are diabetic and need certain medications to control it and to be well.  Being on medications makes my body shut down, I lose physical ability and mental ability ( and as a knock on emotional wellbeing); everything takes 10 times longer and most things exhaust me so I have to constantly take a break to rest.

Then this week I had an email which is sort of the nail in the coffin for this blog, as I have been informed of changes to how things are charged for which will lead to cost of running this blog becoming too much for my personal finances. I have always paid out for this blog out of my own pocket and have refused to accept any payment, or adverts to help cover the costs. Things which I have reviewed and blogged about have been donated to others so that I have not personally benefitted. Yes, sometimes I have been given a free or subsidised place at a conference but this has never been on condition that I write a blog, that has been my decision. My personal ethos of not benefitting from my blogging (which is part of my volunteering) is very important to me. I know some don’t understand this, and at times I think I have made an error of judgement because there seems to be a reluctance to be involved with or to accept the help of a volunteer. Certainly since I blogged about offering to speak at events for free or just to cover costs, or to support charitable organisations hardly any one has asked me to do so.

As an aside, I naively thought when I had the honour of receiving a British Empire Medal in 2016, that people would ask be to speak at events about my volunteering, or that I would be invited to open local events or judge local competitions for children, but none of that has happened.

Maybe people would have engaged with me more if I had said I charge for such things? I will never know.

As usual I have side tracked – so back to the point of this short blog. I can no longer afford to run this blog, and even if I could I think I would struggle to do it justice, and so when my annual bill for this blog arrives in 2019, I will sadly be closing it down. An end to an era and the final stage of closing down Penny’s Place Childminding.  It will be hard for me, but time marches on and waits for no one, certainly it is not waiting for me to get better, and to coin a phrase I think my time has ‘been and gone’.


There is a slight glimmer for those who may miss my blogs and my opinions – I have set up a new free to run  blog called ‘What do you think Penny?’ and so should I be able to in the future, I will blog about things that I have an opinion on – but not necessarily just about early years stuff.

I will post one last blog on this site just before I close in down, with my thanks to my readers and a reminder of the new blog.

I have not published anything on the new blog yet, but when I do, I will let you know via social media.


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