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There has been some confusion about the aim of my blog and some have considered it to be a public or open blog for anyone to comment as they wish, a place where they can communicate with others, a place where they can post information about events.

Therefore I wish to clarify – this is a personal blog – and as it says on the homepage – it is a place where I comment and where I share information.

Please read the notes below to ensure you meet my personal wishes about use of my blog.


Commenting on my blog posts 

I welcome comments on my blog  and I enjoy reasoned professional debate from people who disagree with my personal view.

However, I will not allow comments to be posted which are defamatory to  someone else, or likely to cause offence to others.

The nature of my work means that I am sometimes required to maintain an individuals confidentiality because although they have willing provided information to be shared with others, they do not have the capacity to deal with individual requests for information or clarification.

Therefore if I have not stated a persons name or title or contacts details – it is to maintain that individuals confidentiality as agree with them – not because I have personally decided not to give details.

The same is true of the information provided – if it has criteria attached about its release or use – I will uphold that criteria – whether I personally agree with the criteria set or not.

If commenting please restrict your comments to the subject being discussed in my blog post- and remember that one comment is usually sufficient to express opinion – unless of course I ask for further comment from you.

Providing Information 

If you have information about  training, conferences, potential useful websites (including your own) etc.  please do not share this via the comments facility – as I may have already provided this information or I may decide that I do not want that information on my blog , or that I do want to share with other but with personal comment about it.

Therefore if you do have information or links to third party information please email me and if I want to include it on my blog – I will post it myself.

Please note that I have changed the settings on my blog and now all comments now have to be approved before they published.

I will do my best to moderate them as soon as possible but at times there may be a delay in doing so.

Posted September 18, 2012 by psw260259

4 responses to “IMPORTANT Please read before posting on my blog

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  1. Hi Penny,
    Do you have any advice regarding putting together a portfolio, mine is currently based on ECM.


    Hi Penny just heard this on news this morning the information in the above link,and it makes me feel that baby,s in prams are less important than people with disabilities. Not sure if it is something we need to take up or how we take it up or weather I am just getting on my soap box. Why should a parent give her baby to a complete stranger to hold while she collapses her pram or how is she expected to get off the bus holding a baby and a pram and then put her pram up. Right rant over what do you think. I am not good at this stuff but I believe that now people with a disability will think they can tell people with prams to get off the bus.

    this could have greater implications than public buses it could be spam all public transport if this appeal is won in two weeks.

    I understand however that access is requiredfor people with a disability, but maybe push chair access needs to be addressed. not every parent has the luxury of their own transport the day and age.

    Hopefully yours Tracy

    • Hello Tracey – Thanks for highlighting this to me. I have just got in (it is 22:30) from a committee meeting – I will look into this tomorrow and find out as much as I can – and then post another reply here.

      My gut reaction is both need support both have needs – I wonder what would have occurred if one disabled person was already on the bus when another disabled person got on? Or same scenario with two people with prams? Or a person with a pram – maybe twins got on bus and disable person already on bus?
      My feeling is first person on bus who needs the space to meet their needs, has the space – it is not fair to ask people to judge whose needs are the greatest – or for one person to assume that their need is greater than another persons.

      Of course if buses made all seats suitable for disabled and people with prams then there would not be an issue – same with toilets as never enough toilets with room for disabled or for people with prams / buggys. And what would the ruling be if one person was using the toilet with enough space and another person wanted to use it? I would think it would be a case of first there uses it.

      Maybe I am being too simplistic – and I do need to read up on this case before jumping to conclusions – will certainly be following this now to see if ‘common sense’ comes into it.

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