Volunteer (and paid for) services I can provide

Since retiring from registered childminding at the end of March 2016, I have been focusing on being a volunteer, a campaigner and an advocate for children and early years settings including registered childminders.

From September 2016, I am offering to provide workshops and keynote speeches; to facilitate discussions; to attend meetings; to be part of working groups; to write articles or blogs and generally do everything I can to raise the profile of the early years sector and in particular registered childminders.

I genuinely hope that by working in partnership with as many individuals, groups and organisations as possible, I will be able to support and help others; and together make a difference to children so they can flourish.

There are two types of services that I can offer; first is as a volunteer to  ‘not for profit events’, and second is to ‘for profit organisations’

This is what I can offer as a volunteer;

Working with membership organisations, charities and not for profit organisations          I am happy to speak at events; or provide workshops; or attend meetings; or be involved in  ‘working parties’ on anything that fits in with my ethos and views about early childhood and related subjects –  for both big and small, national and local organisations.

I will give my time freely to membership organisations, charities and not for profit organisations, but I do ask that my travel expenses (and if needed overnight accommodation) are paid for. I am happy to organise and pay for this up front but would need my expenses reimbursed very quickly as I do not have any other funding to support my volunteering OR if you would prefer, I am also happy for travel / overnight accommodation to be booked and paid for in advance by those I am supporting as a volunteer.

I will always seek to travel by the most cost effective method taking into consideration all aspects of the journey and my availability time wise.

If the event being organised is to raise funds or generate an income, I will still provide my time for free, provided it is a not for profit organisation, but ask that you consider making a small donation (over and above my expenses) to support my work as a volunteer.


For Profit Organisations                                                                                                                           I would be delighted to offer the same services as I offer to ‘membership organisations, charities and not for profit organisations’ as stated above.

However, I will have to charge a small fee (on top of my travel expenses) as I need to fund other aspects of my volunteering, due to not having funding from anyone else and being unable to fund things from my family budget.

I hope you understand my reasons for making a small charge and I am sure you will realise that this is not about generating an income for myself, it is just to ensure that my volunteering is sustainable, and  I can continue to advocate for children and early years settings

My Fees for profit making organisations                                                                            

Up to 4 hours attending   (so an evening or half day)  £50 Plus travel expenses

4 – 8 hours attending (so a full day) £100 Plus travel expenses

There is no charge for travel time, but if overnight accommodation is needed to enable me to attend, this would need to be provided

For individuals                                                                                                                                             I am very happy to support individuals as a volunteer via email, or pre arranged phone calls. The support I can offer is my personal based opinion and advice, either about situations or documents: and a listening ear as sometimes just being able to talk to someone really helps.

Support organisations or individuals could offer to support my Volunteering                   As an individual being a volunteer not only takes a lot of my time, but I also have to personally cover costs to keep up to date with things by attending conferences; subscribing to publications;  being a member of membership organisations; providing my own paper, ink, IT equipment; meals while away from home volunteering; travel to events, conferences and meetings that I have not been asked to attend but are of benefit to my volunteering.

Therefore I would be very grateful for any support to help with my volunteering costs

Below are some of the ways that organisation or individuals could help

  • Discounted rates for membership to membership  organisations, or for their publications, or to attend their events.                                                                                           (I am not expecting anyone to provide things for free but if a discount could be offered it would make a difference – and I am more than happy to review things, write articles / blogs, speak at events that attending, or help at events by helping setting up / clearing away or help at registration tables or with refreshments to show my appreciation for any support given).
  • Passing on links to related articles
  • Providing discounts to places that sell paper or ink or IT equipment                   (Again I am will to write reviews and / or a blog for things provided or discounted)
  • Offering Bed at Breakfast at your home when I am in your area or attending events you organise                                                                                                                                         (I do have a number of colleagues who already do this and it is a great help, as sometimes to save money, I travel there and back in one day – and that is very tiring).
  • Donating books or publications that you no longer need                                                    ( If I don’t already have the item, I will keep to help inform me. However, if I do already have the item I will pass on to others who will benefit from it)
  • And anything else you can think of – as the saying goes – every little helps



Contacting me

Please email me in the first instance at Pennys.place@hotmail.co.uk


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